Report to Council and Community September 19, 2016

Seguin Council September 19 eAgenda


Seguin Staff to Report on financial support of Nursing Station Summer Weekend hour extension.

At the September 6th Finance and Council meeting Shawn Gordon of the Seguin Finance Committee raised the topic of Township support re funding of the Ruth Dare Health Centre Nursing Station’s  Saturday and Sunday operation during the summer months.

As a follow up Staff will prepare a Report to Council which will be tabled at a future Council meeting.

The Rosseau Nursing Station Community Advisory Committee will be meeting Tuesday September 27th at 2:00 pm in the Ruth Dare Wellness room.


West Parry Sound SMART Report Sept 14,, 2016


By Lis McWalter

Update  June 15,2016 – Sept 14, 2016

The focus of the WPS SMART team over this past period continues to be on not for profit incorporation, funding, advocacy, and projects.

Highlights are as follows:

Incorporation of Not for Profit 

  • Conducted our second Board meeting on Sept 13, 2016.
  • The date for our AGM is set for January 31st Logistics and details to follow.
  • Prospective members will receive their invitation (to be members) in late November or early December timeframe. The list of prospective members will be in accordance with those identified and reviewed with the Municipalities in June 2015.
  • There will be no cost for membership.
  • By-laws have been finalized pending approval at the AGM.


Our objective continues to build out the fibre backbone to serve WPS as a holistic solution. Given the current funding constraints we have identified 2 specific projects – the Airport and the Industrial Park.

  • Projects are being developed to a uniform standard to ensure that no part of the WPS network will be compromised in the short or longer term. Solution must be future proof (technologically, scalability, and interoperability) and business terms that protect the interests of WPS for the long term.
  • Both of the current projects provide an opportunity for collateral benefit for residences and business in the area enabling economies of scale
  • Currently have quotations under non-disclosure and awaiting more bids
  • In process of developing business case justification for financial modelling process.

Carling Municipal Office Internet

  • In discussion with Kevin McIllwain re his initiative to bring fibre internet services to the Carling Municipal office.
  • Kevin has a contact an ISP (who has not responded to RFPs issued by WPS SMART  to-date) and has had discussions regarding various options.
  • WPS SMART can offer assistance that ensures the future proof solutions noted above offers benefit to the broader community in both technology and overall costs, addresses uniformity in service and business provisions. We have detailed data and information relevant to ISPs.   The goal is to maximize the benefit of every $ spent.
  • Kevin has initiated a meeting with the ISP, himself and the WPS SMART team.


  1. Henvey Wind Project (& Pattern)
    • Archipelago continues to push Henvey/Pattern to reverse their decision declining WPS SMART’s request to run fibre on their transmission poles
    • Archipelago requested input from WPS SMART on why First Nations communities in the area should be interested in WPS SMART
    • Archipelago is seeking to have local First Nations Communities support our request. They had a good meeting with Shawinigan earlier this week and it was clear that there is a clear understanding of the economic and social benefit of high speed internet
    • A meeting has also been scheduled with Magnetawan First Nations
    • It would be helpful for the other Municipalities involved in discussions with Henvey/Pattern to continue to push for a reverse in decision
  2. Participated in the webinar “How to Bring Affordable and Effective Broadband connectivity to your community”.


WPS Smart have been invited by the Federal Government to participate in the development of the new broadband program for Canada. A meeting has been set up for Oct 4th to commence the process.    The process is expected to take 2-3 months.


For future consideration

  1. We will need to determine how to fund our portion of any future grants. Communities such as Eastern Ontario Warden’s Caucus  (EWOC), South Western Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) will have that in place.
  2. WPS SMART will need to hire a contractor with strong technical and project management skills to oversee implementation of the projects

Focus for Next Period:

  • Participate in outreach process for development of the new Federal Government Program
  • Develop a strategy for the next Federal/Provincial intake program
  • Update the WPS SMART Strategic Plan to reflect the project based approach
  • Meet with MCN to establish a cohesive working relationship
  • Participate in CIRA webinar
  • Continue advocacy


Seguin Septic Re-inspection Report  

2016 Septic re-inspection

See eAgenda – Staff Report p70/190

The Township has been operating the Septic Re-Inspection Program since 2001.  Summer students historically have been able to inspect on average eight properties a day over a two month period. A total of 925 systems inspected to date since 2001.

This year two additional students were assigned septic re-inspection duties on a full time basis over a four month summer period.  A dramatic level of service improvement has been achieved by dedicated manpower and technologic innovation.

807 properties on three lakes (Horseshoe, Rankin and Oastler) were inspected this summer (see findings page 70/190).  The re-inspection program focused on the visual signs of septic systems that require maintenance and repair. The students worked with property owners to provide information and increase awareness about the operation and maintenance of sewage disposal systems for longevity purposes.

The budget impact in 2016 was approximated to be $28,800.

Here is a link to the 2016 Septic Re-inspection Report see page 70 of 190

Some of the highlights of the 2016 Septic Re-Inspection of Horseshoe, Rankin and Oastler Lake shoreline properties are as follows

  • two new university students ran the Septic Re-Inspection program. Other additional changes include the use of an iPad to document all inspections. The program also had a new supervisor under the Building Department.
  • the most advantageous change was the extension of the inspection season to four months. This allowed for the necessary comprehensive training to be completed through the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority prior to the field inspections.
  • the students also developed a thorough and comprehensive field manual as a reference document for future inspectors’ use. The field manual can also be used to show the public what the program is about and what specifically the students are looking for as they complete inspections. While using many primary points from training, the manual also covers topics the students came across during the season.
  • The iPad can be credited with the increased number of inspections completed this season.  A newly developed program on the iPad proved to be one of the biggest advantages the students had in the 2016 season. Being the first time this technology was used, the software had an analysis of the requirements for performing daily tasks. a visual layout in the form of a map with highlighted properties kept track of completed inspections.  Data was seamlessly aligned with identifying where septic issues were found. The students attached pictures of issues as well as a site diagram to the property file immediately, saving time. The program included several drop down menus containing pre-set details relevant to the site conditions; allowing for speed and accuracy. Pre-populated fields such as roll number, owner’s name, property address and legal description eliminated human error while simultaneously allowing for greater efficiency. With all the information required to complete each inspection already uploaded on the iPad program, the students did not need to locate and collect all necessary septic files as they were already attached to the associated property, making them easily accessible.
  • maintenance concerns such as overgrowth, objects on the bed or slight erosion did not require follow up. Within the inspection area, a total of 69 properties were found to be overgrown and the homeowners were informed of the risk and importance of maintaining their septic bed area.
  • Follow-ups were only completed on properties with health and safety issues such as; outdoor showers, unsafe outhouses, direct grey water discharge, loose tank lids, exposed tank or bed, signs of failure and various other concerns.
  • Violation Issues by category.  Outdoor Shower 22, Unsafe Outhouse 19,  Outhouse does not Meet Setback 3,  Direct Grey Water Discharge 11,  Tank Lids Not Secure 1,  Tank/bed Exposed 2,  Black water Pipe Disconnected 1,  Unapproved Sewage Disposal System Causing Sewage Discharge 1,  Seal on pump has become loose 1,  Signs of Failure 0
  • 72% compliance from homeowners in the 2016 study area
  • 4 issues were passed on to the North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority for enforcement
  • 19 properties were not inspected; 4 homeowners did not allow students on the property to complete the inspection and 15 property owners with gates did not contact students to set up an appointment for their inspection.


Events of Interest for your October calendar

Volunteers needed to help with this event 

Great Muskoka Paddling Experience

muskoka-paddling-experienceMuskoka’s 6th Annual Paddling Race, Saturday October 8th, 2016 (thanksgiving Weekend), for more information visit

These OMCKRA sanctioned races takes place on the Muskoka River, starting at Bracebridge Bay and continuing downstream. The 10km race turnarounds on the mark opposite the Santa’s Village Park and returns upstream finishing at Annie Williams Park. The 20 km race enters the south branch of the Muskoka River, continues to the 1st turnaround marker short of Muskoka Falls, returns to main branch, continue downstream to the turnaround marker at Santa’s Village Park finishing upstream at Annie Williams Park. The 5km race will starts after the 20 and 10km races at Bracebridge Bay, going downstream to the turnaround marker at Hairpin Bend and finishing at Annie Williams Park.  

This is a fund raising event in support of the Muskoka Watershed Council.


Rosseau Pumpkin Festival – Join us for the 4th Annual Rosseau Pumpkin Festival and Farmer’s Market on Saturday October 8th from 10am-3pm Rain or Shine. Fun activities for the whole family throughout the day!

Rosseau Pumpkin Festival Saturday October 8, 2016

 A summary of the September 19th Council Meeting.

  • Review and report to Council on the costs and suitability to construct a public boat launch on the concession road allowance off Star Lake Road between civic addresses 449 and 455. Resolution No. 2016-306.
  • Proceed with Shore Road Allowance Application No. RAS-2016-0006-H (Harsfai). By-law No. 2016-059.
  • Proceed with the awarding of RFP No. 2016-015, Telephone & Voice Mail System. Resolution No. 2016-309.
  • Implement the amended Donations by the Municipality. Resolution No. 2016-310.
  • Advise the Finance Committee, as per the Committee’s recommendation Council has amended the Donations by the Municipality Policy. Resolution No. 2016-310.
  • Enter into discussions with 2213725 Ontario Inc. for the re-conveyance of Parts 1 and 2, Plan 42R-19443. If agreement is not reached on the re-conveyance, proceed with legal proceedings to facilitate the re-conveyance. Resolution No. 2016-314.
  • Forward the additional levy to the Township of Seguin Public Library Board re: Minutes of Settlement of the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal. Resolution No. 2016-315.

Respectfully Submitted

Jack Hepworth

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