Report to Council and Community April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018 Seguin Council eAgenda and Addendum


Fire Services Activities Update 

Patrick Shoebottom Seguin Fire Services Fire Prevention Officer (FPO) prepared report #DPS-FD-2018-002 for information to Council regarding current Fire Services activities and programs.  The Report covers the first quarter of 2018.

“…Seguin Fire Services operate in four geographical districts throughout the municipality.
Stations are located in Foley 10, Rosseau 20, Christie 30 and in Humphrey 40.

During the first Quarter of 2018 Seguin Fire Services have responded to fifty-seven calls for ssistance. Fifty-one training exercises have been conducted throughout the municipality. These training exercises include weekly training at the fire halls. Specialty training exercises have also been carried out, these include:

  • Airboat driver training,
  • rope rescue training
  • and ice water rescue training.

Fire Prevention has worked with the Southwest Parry Sound Mutual Fire Aid on a public education initiative in the Parry Sound North Star which was run in the March 23, 2018 edition of the paper.
Fire Prevention has worked with the grade one through four students (Approximately 100 students) from Humphrey Public School on posters with the message of “Have Two Ways Out”. These posters are now proudly displayed in the fire halls for the fire fighters to enjoy.
The Seguin Fire Services has also been able to provide some residents in our municipality with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. These families who have received these now have safer homes thanks to the support of our municipality and our partners.

Seguin Fire Services will continue to respond and train to assist our residents to the best of our abilities into the future. The spring is rapidly approaching which will see staff conducting the annual inspections of our commercial occupancies in Seguin.

Respectfully submitted: Patrick Shoebottom Fire Prevention Officer”


Seguin Newsletter Spring 2018


A summary of the April 16th Seguin Council meeting

  • Execute the Agreement for Municipal Integrity Commissioner between the Township and Harold G. Elston for Mr.Elston’s services as the Township’s Integrity Commissioner and prepare policies to implement the Integrity Commissioner. Bylaw No. 2018-027. 
  • Advise the Township’s solicitor to proceed with petitioning the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to facilitate a hearing in order to dismiss OMB Case No. PL141142-OMB File No. PL141142 (Jones v. Seguin) and OMB Case No. PL141142-OMB File No. PL141329 (Jones v. Seguin). Resolution No. 2018-113.  
  • Proceed with the process of preparing a License Agreement for Concession Road
    Allowance Application No. RAA-2018-0001-H (Vieira/Baker) for Council’s consideration at an upcoming meeting. 
  • Execute the Multi-Service Connection Cost Agreement between the Township and Hydro One Networks Inc. for the North Sandy Plains Road Residential Development. By-law No.2018-028.  
  • Proceed with Consent Application No. B-2018-0010-C (Ryan). Resolution No. 2018-
  • Proceed with Rezoning Application No. R-2018-0001-C (Day). By-law No. 2018-025.
  • Proceed with Rezoning Application No. R-2018-0007-H (Steele) to remove the holding
    symbol (“H”) from the subject lands. By-law No. 2018-029. 
  • Discuss potential dates for the 2018 Fall District of Parry Sound Municipal Association
    (DPSMA) meeting at the upcoming Spring Association meeting on April 27th, 2018 and advise staff of the selected date. 
  • Notify the District of Parry Sound Municipal Association (DPSMA) of the Township’s offer to host the Fall 2018 meeting of the District of Parry Sound Municipal Association
    (DPSMA). In conjunction with the Secretary-Treasurer of the DPSMA, proceed with the organization of the Fall meeting. Resolution No. 2018-120.

Respectfully Submitted

Jack Hepworth


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