Report to Council and Community October 17, 2016

Seguin Council October 17th eAgenda 


Rosseau Memorial Hall Accessibility Upgrades

For those who are interested  in  staying informed about the Hall’s Accessibility  project CAO Chris Madej is suggesting that the specifics can be followed through Council.

Staff are reviewing the 8 proposals that have been received.  There will be  opportunity  for public review and comments as the  process  moves  forward through Council at various stages of approval.  The scope and nature of the work is driven by provincial legislation  and provincial development and design standards and approved accessibility features.


Clean, Clear and Safe By-Law

Council received many comments at the Public meeting October 3rd,  and from citizens who submitted written comments.

More deliberations by staff and council are required before any adaptations or recommendations regarding this bylaw are advanced.

I would suspect that discussion and direction will take place at a future meeting in November (7 or 21)


Seguin October 7th Financial Report – M. Fraser

“The current projected year end surplus is up to $246,100, up very slightly from $227,610 previously reported; as programs, such as water quality and septic re-inspection, come to an end, we are beginning to see surpluses in individual departments.
Capital projects are well under way for 2016; actual expenditures on a project basis have been presented as part of this Financial Update. Projects that may not be completed by year end, and may have to be carried over into 2017, were originally planned to be presented in this update, but will now be presented in the next financial update.
Activity in the Reserves and Reserve Funds has been minimal, consisting of some SRA/CRA sales, and interest income. The year end projection for Reserves and Reserve Funds, including projected capital expenditures, is included.
Up to $25,000 of the Contingency budget of $100,000 has been allocated to the rehabilitation project in the lower level of the Rosseau Memorial Hall.” …


Congratulations to the Organizers, Volunteers & Sponsors.

Rosseau Pumpkin Festival 2016

Rosseau Pumpkin Festival 2016

The fourth annual Rosseau Pumpkin Festival was a huge success attracting large numbers of visitors and participants to this annual event.  Congratulations to the organizing committee and the many volunteer helpers who made a memorable fall day event for everyone involved. Special thanks to all the sponsors and vendors who supported the community.

A summary of the October 17th Seguin Council Meeting 

  • Proceed with Rezoning Application No. R-20160008-F (Martin). By-law No. 2016-064.
  • Proceed with the following Road Allowance Applications:  RAS-2015-0005-H (Martin).  RAS-2016-0007-H (Hiebert).  RAC-2016-0011-F (Salmon). By-law No’s. 2016-065, By-law No. 2016-067, 2016-068.
  • Proceed with Shore Road Allowance Application No.’s RAS-2016-0004-H and RAS-2016-0005-H (Chamoun/Lazar) and Deeming Application No. D-2016-0001-H. By-law No.’s 2016-066 and 2016-070.  
  • Include discussion of $5000 contribution to the West Parry Sound Health Centre’s Health Human Resources Retention & Recruitment activities during review of the 2017 Budget in January 2017.  January 9th, 2017 Council Meeting  
  • Forward the donation of $500 to Krystyn Hrycyna and Jocelyn Simon of the SOAR Rope Skipping Team for their humanitarian trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Resolution No. 2016-349.  
  • Utilize the West Parry Sound Geography Network to review potential private lots that may be suitable for the construction of a public boat launch on Star Lake. Provide Councillor Collins with a short list of potential properties. Once potential sites have been located, engage the concerned Star Lake residents to assist in canvasing the private land owners regarding the purchase of a portion of their private lands for a boat launch. Also approach the concerned residents about potential financial contributions for the purchase of a portion of private land and the construction of the boat launch.
  • Proceed with the recommendation of Staff Report DPS-PL-2016-109 regarding the implementation of Bill 73 – Planning Act Reform.  
  • Advise the Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce Board of the resignation of Councillor Graves from the Board and the appointment of Councillor Adams as the replacement representative to the Board. Resolution No. 2016-351.  
  • Forward a copy of the resolution supporting the closing of the municipal fiscal gap to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario. Resolution No. 2016-352.
  • Forward a copy of the resolution supporting the proposed solar project at 37 Rankin Lake Road under the FIT program, to the Solar Power Network. Resolution No. 2016-353.
  • Proceed with reviewing the Requests for Proposals received for the Rosseau Memorial Hall Reconstruction project and prepare a staff report for the next meeting of Council with a recommended architect.  
  • Staff to initiate discussions with the Rosseau Horticultural Society to gain their input on the maintenance of the G8 gardens in the Village of Rosseau.  Prepare a staff report for the January 2017 budget meeting for the maintenance of the gardens.
    Community Services January 9th, 2017 Council Meeting  
  • RSVP to the organizers if you are attending any of the Ontario Municipal Board’s Public Town Hall Meetings. 

Respectfully Submitted

Jack Hepworth

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