Report to Council and Community August 8, 2017

Seguin Council August 8th eAgenda


Airport receives 50% funding for Stategic Plan

…”I am pleased to inform you that your project “Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Strategic Plan” has been conditionally approved. The Rural Economic Development (RED) program will provide funding at fifty per cent (50%) of your total eligible project costs up to the amount of $ 25,000.00. This is subject to the execution of a Contribution Agreement between the recipient(s) and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs…”  Andrea Ruskova, Manager Business and Rural Investment Programs Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs.

Council will deal with By-law No. 2017-076 at the August 8th meeting, Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a Contribution Agreement between Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and The Corporation of the Township of Seguin for the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Strategic Plan.


Seguin Financial Update as of July 28, 2017

“We are currently forecasting a surplus of $34,965, up $5,865 from the $29,100 reported on June 13. The sale of the first lot on North Sandy Plains Road closed in mid July; under the terms of the contract , the Township can only recognize $10,000 of the sale price (less selling expenses) until a dwelling is constructed on the lot.
Capital projects are well under way; actual expenditures on a project basis within each functional area are included with this month’s report. Currently, all projects are on budget; this includes the additional $42,000 of Contingency funding that was previously allocated to the Rosseau memorial Hall Accessibility Project.
Activity in the Reserves and Reserve Funds has been minimal, consisting of some SRA/CRA sales, and interest income; a report on the Reserves and Reserve Funds will be provided later in the summer as the capital projects are completed.
As per Council direction, up to $42,000 of the Contingency Fund has been allocated to the Rosseau Memorial Hall project. The balance of $58,000 in the Contingency Fund has not been included in the projected surplus.
Respectfully submitted,
Michele C. Fraser, BA, MBA, CPA, CA”


Economic Development Strategy – Update CAO Chris Madej

“On April 18th, 2017, Council received a report from the CAO respecting an economic
development strategy. There were 12 action items in that report. This report provides Council with an update on those items where there has been recent activity.

  • Continued support of the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport
    On July 18, 2017, the Airport Commission presented Council with their proposal to extend and widen the airport runway. Council showed support in principle for the need to upgrade the existing runway. Township staff will continue to assist the Commission in kind towards this objective and the viability of the airport.
  • Encourage Housing that is Affordable
    The sale of one lot on North Sandy Plains North has been completed. The property sold within weeks of being listed. This was one of three lots which presently have access to hydro service. Township staff are investigating the extension hydro to the remaining four lots.
  • Investigate Extending Natural Gas
    Staff submitted an application to Union Gas for the extension of natural gas under the Ontario Natural Gas Grant Program. The Province announced this $100 million dollar program in early 2017. Applications are made to the gas supplier who in turn reviews the application and determines if the application meets the program criteria and is economically viable. The gas supplier then in turn then makes the application to the Province. The Township proposal to Union Gas was for the extension of natural gas from Oastler Park Drive to the airport and Village of Humphrey. On July 26th staff were advised by Union Gas that our application was unsuccessful given the economic considerations related to operating and maintenance costs, distance and
    numbers of potential customers. Union Gas estimated the total cost to extend the service to be $65 million dollars for the three segments in total. Notwithstanding this decision, Staff will continue discussions with Union Gas and the Province to explore other funding opportunities to extend natural gas services.
  • Support Non-for-Profits with Economic Benefits
    Township staff are still in discussion with the MTO regarding use of MTO lands along Highway 400 for a parking lot that could serve as a trail head for Park to Park and snowmobilers. Earlier this year, Township staff made Henvey Inlet aware of Park To Park’s ongoing financial operational needs. In their July 4th, 2017 presentation to Council, Henvey Inlet indicated that they were considering a monetary donation to Park to Park.
  • Communication
    Staff continue to work with E-Solutions to redevelop the Township’s web site. A new updated web site is planned to be online in this coming fall. One other important addition to our communication strategy will be a new Community Profile. Council was presented with a draft of this document in the previous economic development staff report. An updated Community Profile has now been completed and is attached to this report as Schedule A. This will be a living document that is regularly updated and refined to stay current.
  • Continuous Improvement of Customer Services
    On July 17 2017, Staff presented Council with a mid -year progress report regarding key performance indicators. Using a traffic light approach, only a few yellow light indicators were identified and no red lights were noted. Staff are working on improving and maintaining good performance to make these yellow lights green lights. A 2017 year end KPI report will be presented to Council in January 2018.
  • Engage Seguin Leaders
    In May 2017, a roundtable discussion was conducted with a number of Seguin business leaders.
    The purpose was to obtain their insight into the continued growth and development of Seguin
    Township. Discussions focused on Seguin’s strengths, barriers and opportunities. A summary of the comments received forms Schedule B to this report. The session reaffirmed the strengths of Seguin being the natural environment, lifestyle, close to the GTA and major cities, welcoming and a good place to do business in. Most frequently identified barriers identified included the lack of high speed internet, affordable housing, municipal water and sewers and good full time employment opportunities. Priorities for action were identified as better internet, better health care resources, more flexibility and innovation to allow development in more areas of the township.

Overall, comments received support the overall direction of the Township’s Economic Development Strategy with the need to re-invent new ways of implementation. Some of the ideas to do this included to relax community boundaries and planning controls (which are provincially mandated). Also suggested was the need to liberalize and make development rules to act as more of an incentive than a deterrent for new development. These comments will be given further consideration by Township staff.”


A summary of the August 8 meeting:

  • Submit the application for funding to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Municipal Asset Management Program for the Increasing Asset Management Capacities Project. Resolution No. 2017-267. 
  • Advise Optimus SBR that Council has appointed Mayor Bruce Gibbon and Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer Michele Fraser as the Seguin representatives at the DSSAB governance and accountability review sessions. Resolution No. 2017-268.
  • Advise the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission that Council is unable to attend the airport facilities tour on August 21st however Council is available for September 5th. Suggest the Commission and Council tour the airport
    facilities on September 5th before the regular Council meeting. Then have the Commission representatives attend the regular Council meeting to present the additional information Council has requested on the various options
    reviewed by the Commission for the runway reconstruction project and the analysis of the options. 
  • Proceed with the writing off of property taxes. By-law No. 2017-074.
  • Proceed with the temporary closure of Rice & Oak Streets for the Rosseau Fall Fair Parade. Bylaw No. 2017-072. 
  • Implement the Contribution Agreement for the funding for the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Strategic Plan Project and advise the Airport Commission to proceed with the Project. By-law No. 2017-076. 
  • Implement the Lease Agreement with the Three Legged Lake Property Owners Association for the parking and lake access. By-law No. 2017-077. 
  • Implement the 2018 Budget and Strategic Planning Schedule. Resolution No. 2017-274. 
  • Submit a written summary of any proposed projects you would like considered as part of the 2018 budget to the Treasurer for inclusion in the September 18th budget meeting package. 
  • Post the Township of Seguin Community Profile document on the Township’s website. And email the document to the Members of Council. 
  • Advise Amy Tribe that Council has approved the request for an exemption to the Noise By-law for the wedding ceremonies. And advise the By-law Enforcement Officers of the exemption. Resolution No. 2017-275.
  • Meet with the Applicant and Agents of Rezoning Application No. R-2017-0012-H (Stallwood) and the neighbours (Dare) and their Agents to discuss the application and determine if there is a solution that is agreeable to all parties. Prepare a report to Council with a recommendation on the application.
  • Proceed with Consent Application Nos. B-2017-0009-H/0010-H/0011-H (Dare/Stallwood). Resolution No. 2017-278.

Respectfully submitted

Jack Hepworth

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