Report to Council and Community May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016 Seguin Council eAgenda


Seguin’s – Environment First – Stewardship Initiative 2016

Staff Report No: CS-FC-2016-008

“Softening your shoreline means improved lake health”  We are attempting to promote a cultural shift from landscaping and clearing to protection and restoration of shoreline areas. The program will not discourage development nor recreation usage but will demonstrate how natural function and human activities can co-exist.

Natural Shorelines Ensure Healthy Lakes

Natural Shorelines Ensure Healthy Lakes

“Prepared for: Mayor and Council Department: Community Services
Agenda Date: May 16, 2016 Report No: CS-FC-2016-008
Subject: 2016 Seguin Stewardship Program

Recommendation: In a continuing effort to protect and restore Seguin’s lakes and shorelines, staff have developed a number of initiatives to increase awareness and to empower landowners to undertake simple shoreline restoration projects to reduce human impact on lake and river water quality. There are plenty of opportunities to improve the aesthetic and ecological value of our shorelines. Staff would like Council’s approval to move forward with these initiatives.

Background: The Stewardship Seguin program began in 2013 in partnership with the Otter Lake Ratepayer’s Association and Seguin Township Community Services staff. The program recognizes Otter Lake property owners for making significant improvements to their surrounding environment through green activities. The program is managed through the lake association at this time, although all promotional materials were developed and managed through the Community Service Department. Efforts have been made to develop the program for other Seguin Lake Associations.

Analysis/Discussion: Stewardship initiatives are time sensitive. The protection of our shorelines, our water quality and other environmental concerns need to be addressed immediately and residents need to be educated on what they can do to sustain and nurture their own properties. With this in mind, staff has developed a three part plan for the 2016 summer season:

1. Expand Stewardship Seguin Program. The program is designed to recognize and applaud property owners for making improvements to their environment through stewardship activities. A property owner interested in participating in Stewardship Seguin can contact either their participating Lake Association or Seguin Township to learn more about the program. By taking part in the program, residents receive a Stewardship Seguin Flag acknowledging their commitment to sustainable living. This flag easily mounts on a dock or raft signifying participation. Once a rating card is submitted to either a participating Lake Association or to Seguin Township to evaluate, residents will receive a “Rain Drop Rating” based on the status of their property. Each year, as they make improvements and increase their rating, additional “Rain Drops” will be rewarded. Horseshoe Lake Association has shown interest in developing the program in 2016 as has Salmon Lake. With the recent addition of two full time Water Quality students, Seguin staff has the ability to monitor the program internally and provide residents with the materials and information they need to participate in the program.
2. Stewardship Seguin Speaker Series. The new 2016 Speaker Series brings four prominent stewardship practitioners and promoters from around the area to discuss their area of expertise. They will provide vital knowledge and experiences for the advancement of environmental practices.

The lineup is as follows: Thursday, July 7  7pm Rosseau Waterfront (Rain location: Rosseau Memorial Hall) Christy Doyle: Director of Environmental and Watershed Programs (Muskoka Watershed Council) Topic: Living in Cottage Country: What You Need To Know

Thursday, July 21 7pm Humphrey Community Centre Delaina Arnold: Education and Stewardship Coordinator (Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve) Topic: Shoreline Naturalization 101

Thursday, August 4 7pm Foley Community Centre Peter Sale: Past Chair of the Muskoka Watershed Council Topic: How is Muskoka’s Climate Changing, and Does it Matter?

Thursday, August 18 7pm Orrville Community Centre Jeremy Rouse/Karine Beriault: MNRF Topic: Species at Risk

At each session, the Water Quality students will further promote the Stewardship Program and have all promotional materials on hand for distribution. Light refreshments will be served and staff will encourage attendees to stay and ask questions.

3. Promote Stewardship Seguin. The details of the program, including the information about the new 2016 summer speaker series, will be promoted through various channels including the Seguin website, Facebook page and Twitter, the Rosseau Market and by informing all Seguin Lake Associations. The Water Quality students will also attend various summer functions including Lake Association AGM’s, summer camps and swim sessions and present the program by way of a short presentation.
A Canada post mail out to all lakefront property owners (approximately 2,350 residents) will include the Stewardship Seguin brochure (which explains the details of how to take part in the program), a promotional magnet with the Stewardship Seguin logo, and a rack card for reference which would include the 12 Steps to Success from our Living Sustainably in Seguin Handbook and the Stewardship Seguin Speaker Series information on the reverse.

Financial Analysis/Discussion: The 2016 Capital budget includes $10,000 for stewardship initiatives. The cost breakdown is as follows:
Promotional material x 5000 $3000.00 Canada Post (2500 mail out packages) $2500.00 Flags/hardware x 200 $2000.00 Speaker Series • No cost for guest speakers • Guest thank you gifts x 4 $200.00
Total Costs: $7,700.00

Conclusion: The Stewardship Seguin project aims to engage the community and change attitudes regarding the value of our shorelines and water quality. We are attempting to promote a cultural shift from landscaping and clearing to protection and restoration of shoreline areas. The program will not discourage development nor recreation usage but will demonstrate how natural function and human activities can co-exist.
Respectfully submitted by:  Dominique O’Brien – Manager of Community Services”



Seguin Public Libraries Spring Newsletter 

The Bookmark – the Public Libraries 2016 Spring Summer  Newsletter April 27th has been published.  A  6 page informative brochure.  Topic included are:  Library Cool Facts, Kids’ Programs, Adult Programs, Other News… and Contact Us information for the 4 Branches, Staff,  Board Members, and the web site at  Be sure to check out the Bookmark Newsletter at this link.   Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter to get regular updates on programs, events, and just plain cool stuff!


A summary of the May 16th Seguin Council Meeting .

  • Verify the contact information we have for Councillor Buszynski to ensure we have the most current information on our various listings.  
  • Provide the organizers of the Dolly Parton Concert with a copy of the resolution approving in principle the proposed event. Resolution No. 2016-159. Once the decision is made on which roads are to be temporarily closed and when, advise the Clerk’s Dept. and they will commence the process for the temporary road closures and the noise by-law exemption.
  • Advise the financial institution of the appointment of Councillors Adams and Osborne as signing officers for The Corporation. Resolution No. 2016-161.  
  • Advise the following organizations of the appointment of Councillor Susan Adams as the council representative to replace Councillor Sainsbury on the organizations:  9-1-1 Management Committee.  Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission.  Committee of Adjustment. Resolution No. 2016-162.   
  • Include the members of council on the mailing list for the Seguin Stewardship Program.   
  • Meet with the representative of the Rankin Lake Property Owners’ Association Inc. to discuss the Association’s concerns with the restrictive covenant and Slocum Island.  
  • Proceed with the improvements/upgrades at the Stanley House Transfer Site. Resolution No. 2016-163.  
  • Advise Sunset Cruises of Council’s approval of their request to operate a cruise at the Rosseau Waterfront in 2016 during the Rosseau Farmers’ Market and the Rosseau Classic Cruise under the same terms and conditions as previous years.  
  • Provide ClubLink Rocky Crest Golf Club Certificates to the following groups/events for fund raising:  Volunteer Appreciation Night.  Rosseau Classic Cruise (Tony Hawkrigg).  Belvedere Heights Home For the Aged.  Rosseau Nursing Station/Ruth Dare Health Clinic. Resolution No. 2016-164.  
  • Advise Stephen Krause, Principal of the Humphrey Public School that Councillor Osborne will attend and represent the Township at the 2016 Grade 8 Graduation Ceremonies. Provide Mr. Krause with Councillor Osborne’s contact information.
  • Register and book a hotel room for Councillor Adams for the AMO Annual Conference. Resolution No. 2016-167.   
  • Book 2 hotel rooms for the ROMA 2017 Conference and prepare a draft resolution for the next council meeting authorizing Mayor Gibbon and Councillor Collins to attend the conference.   
  • Book 1 hotel room for the OGRA 2017 Conference for staff.
  • Forward a donation to AMO for the Fort McMurray disaster relief fund. Resolution No. 2016-165.  
  • As per the recommendation of Staff Report No. DPS-PL-2016-043, commence the process of land exchange with Dr. Art Salmon. Resolution No. 2016-166.
  • Proceed with property tax write offs. By-law No. 2016-029.
  • Advise the Rose Point Recreational Trail Committee that Council has approved the Historical/Environmental Interpretative Signage Project as the 2016 & 2017 Projects under the Memorandum of Understanding between Seguin and Rotary. Advise the Committee Council has requested the Committee consider the Township of Seguin’s branding/format when creating the signs and Council requests the Committee collaborate with the Park-To-Park Trail Association when developing the signs. Resolution No. 2016-169.

Respectfully Submitted

Jack Hepworth


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