Report to Council and Community March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 Seguin Council eAgenda


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Rosseau Memorial Hall Accessibility Project update.

Excepts from Staff Report CS-FC-2017-006

  • “On February 6, 2017, Council directed FAD Architects and staff to proceed with the tendering process for the Rosseau Memorial Hall Accessibility project.
  • The tender was advertised in the Parry Sound Beacon Star on February 10th and in the Parry Sound North Star on February 15th 2017. It was posted on the Seguin website, the Muniserv website, and the Bids and Tenders website.
  • At the time of this report, sixteen contractors have requested the tender package.
  • The original closing date was scheduled for February 28th at 1:00pm; however, this aggressive time frame has proved difficult for contractors to successfully submit a thorough comprehensive bid as per the specs set out in the tender.
  • In addition, staff and FAD Architect Brenda Ryan, felt it was pertinent to proceed with a soil sample test to determine the footing depth and type of soil that will have to be excavated in order to install the elevator shaft. With the results, contractors will be able to provide a more detailed bid with regard to the costs associated with the installation of the elevator.
  • Soils Engineers Ltd will provide a detailed report of the findings which will be made available as an addendum to the tender.
  • The closing date has been extended to March 10th , 2017 at 1:00pm to ensure that contractors have the necessary time to complete the bid process.
  • The next regular Council meeting following this date is on April 3rd , 2017. To move the project along, staff request that Council hold a Special Council meeting March 15, 2017 at 5:00 pm to receive the staff and Architect’s recommendation and make a decision.”


FEDNOR Grants Seguin Township $405,000

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017 MP Paul Paul Lefebvre Sudbury, made two important Fednor announcements on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, and Minister responsible for FedNor.

Ingrid Mueller the Airport Commission’s Chair hosted the event, recognizing the achievements of the former Commision Chair Doug Sainsbury in her opening remarks.

Fednor Announcement Feb 28, 2017

Ingrid Mueller Airport Commission’s Chair

Seguin Township, in partnership with the Parry Sound Airport Commission, will use the FedNor investment of $405,000 to complete infrastructure enhancements at the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport. Specifically, the funding will be used to construct a 3,000-square-foot hangar, install new fencing and equipment to enhance security, and upgrade the airport’s fuel system to better serve domestic and international flights. Once complete, this strategic investment will allow existing businesses to grow, and pave the way for Milford Bay Trout Farm to expand its operations in the region by establishing a new processing facility at the airport’s business park.

Milford Bay Fish Smoke Facility

Milford Bay Fish Smoke Facility


A summary of the Seguin Council March 6th, 2017 actions

  • Forward donations to the following organizations:  Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce. Resolution No. 2017-067.   Park-To-Park Trail Association Inc. Resolution No. 2017-068.   Charles W. Stockey Centre. Resolution No. 2017-069.
  • Forward a letter to Lisa Jackson thanking her for her service on the Orrville Recreation Committee and copy the Committee. Resolution No. 2017-071.
  • Cancel conference and room reservations for Mayor Gibbon and Councillor Buszynski for the FONOM Conference. 
  • Register Mayor Gibbon and Councillor Adams for the AMO Annual Conference and provide them with room reservation confirmations. Resolution No. 2017-072.
  • Forward the resolution of support to the West Parry Sound SMART Community Network Inc. for their funding application to the Government of Canada Connect to Innovate Program. Resolution No. 2017-073. 
  • Forward the letter of support to Lakeland Holding Inc. for their funding application to the Government of Canada Connect to Innovate Program. Resolution No. 2017-074.
  • Forward the resolution re: Building Code Act changes related to septic systems to the various parties. Resolution No. 2017-075. 
  • Leave the proposed Rose Point Recreational Trail Extension in the 2018 Capital Budget. Commence discussions with the Rotary Club of Parry Sound on the draft memorandum of understanding for the Extension Project. 
  • Obtain the agenda for the District of Parry Sound Municipal Association Spring Meeting and include the matter on the April 3rd Council Meeting agenda for Council consideration. 
  • Forward the resolution of support for the addition of lands to the Wasauksing First Nation Reserve to the parties. Resolution No. 2017-077. 
  • Commence the review of Township lands in the Rose Point Road/Wasauksing Swing Bridge area to determine if any of the lands are potentially surplus the Township’s needs. 
  • Proceed with the transfer of the 2016 Year End Surplus. Resolution No. 2017-078.
  • Implement the 2017-18 Winter Sand Strategy. Resolution No. 2017-079.
  • Prepare the Building By-law for Council consideration at the April 3rd Meeting
  • Proceed with the following Rezoning Applications:
     R-2016-0014-H (Benson). Resolution No.2017-082 & By-law No. 2017-017.
     R-2017-0002-H (Ciancone). By-law No. 2017-018.
  • Implement the Fire Protection Agreement between Seguin and The Archipelago (Blackstone Lake Area). By-law No. 2017-019.
  • Commence the process (notice and resolution) to declare the first phase of the North Sandy Plains Road Residential Development properties as surplus. Resolution No. 2017-086.
  • Retain the services of a professional realtor to assist with the sale of the first phase of the North Sandy Plains Road Residential Development properties. Resolution No. 2017-086.
  • Implement the Master Facility License Agreement between Seguin and Jack Sports Group. By-law No. 2017-023.
  • Provide notice of the Special Meeting of Council scheduled for Wednesday, March 15th at 5:00 p.m. to consider the awarding of contracts for the Rosseau Memorial Hall Accessibility Project. 
  • Proceed with Deeming Application No. 2017-0001-R (McPhee). By-law No. 2017-020.
  • Proceed with the exemption of certain properties from Part IX of the Municipal Act. By-law No. 2017-089.

Respectfully Submitted

Jack Hepworth


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