Report to Council and Community February 6, 2017

Seguin Council February 6, 2017 eAgenda


Katie’s Korner   

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Staff Reports that you may want to be familiar with.

Bold lettering reports are covered in detail – to view all others link to the eAgenda above.

  1. Report No. CS-FC-2017-003, Semi Annual Drinking Water Test Results.
  2. Report No. CS-FC-2017-004, Rosseau Memorial Hall Accessibility
    Project – Scope of Work. ® 
  3. Report No. PW-RD-2017-002, Purchase of a 2017 Tandem Plow Truck. ®
  4. Report No. DPS-BD-2017-002, Proposed Changes to the Seguin “Building By-Law”.
  5. Report No. DPS-PL-2017-010, Waterfront Design Guidelines. ®
  6. Report No. DPS-PL-2017-017, Township of Seguin Parks and Trails Master Plan. ®
  7. Report No. DPS-PL-2017-018, 2016 Water Quality Monitoring Program Report.
  8. Report No. DPS-FD-2017-001, Municipal Fire Agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources. ®
  9. Report No. DPS-FD-2017-002, Removal of the 1992 GMC Pumper #42 from inventory. ® Humphrey fire Hall
  10. Report No. DPS-FD-2017-003, Progress report to Council regarding the West Parry Sound Area Emergency Response Plan 2016.
  11. Report No. TR-2017-002, 2017 Board and Commission Grants, Agreements and Discretionary Grants. ®
  12. Report No. TR-2017-003, 2017 Donations. ®
  13. Report No. TR-2017-004, 2017 Operating and Capital Budgets in Principle. ®

2017 Operating and Capital Budgets in Principle

“January 9, 2017, Council, senior staff and the Finance Committee reviewed the 2017 Preliminary Budget for the Township. Since that date, as directed by Council, staff has made the following revisions:

  •  The 2017 municipal tax rate contemplated by this preliminary budget remains at 0.353726%, compared to the 2016 rate of 0.350224%, which is an effective tax rate
    increase of 1.0%.
  • Increase of $20,000 to the Departmental Operating budgets, in order to accommodate additional one-time grinding at the Landfill. The total Departmental Operating
    budgets now amount to $7,749,212, compared to $7,729,212 as proposed at the January 9 meeting. The 2017 total Departmental Operating Budget represents a
    2.01% increase over the 2016 total Departmental Operating Budget of $7,596,483.
  • Increase of $5,000 to the Donation budget line, in order to accommodate the annual donation to the WPSHC of $5,000 for physician retention and recruitment.
  • Increase of $44,275 to the capital budget, bringing the 2017 Capital Budget to $3,010,550. This increase is to accommodate the Landfill Expansion Project and the
    Waterfront Design Guidelines, as outlined in the 2017 Community Development Plans. As directed by Council, the Waterfront Design Guidelines have been included in the
    Budget in Principle contingent upon a further report and recommendation from staff to Council on the proposed project and Council approving the recommendation prior to implementing the project.
  • Staff continue to finalize the Capital Carryforwards from 2016, which are not expected to exceed the original forecast of $269,000. Approval in principle of these amounts would allow staff to start implementing the projects and programs within these budgets, subject to the Township’s Purchasing Policy. As in previous years, Approval in Principle would still allow for changes to the budgets prior to striking the final estimates for 2017, which is expected to be brought to Council in April or May, 2017. At that time, all external levies will be adjusted for the actual levy notices received, revenues will be updated, reserve transfers finalized and the final tax rates, including those for the school boards, will be set.

Respectfully submitted by:  Michele C. Fraser, CFO/Treasurer”


Rosseau Memorial Hall Accessibility Project 

“On November 7, 2016, Council awarded the RFP for the Design and Contract Administration for the Rosseau Memorial Hall to FAD Architects of Parry Sound. Since that time, Brenda Ryan, of FAD Architects, has worked diligently with Seguin staff to prepare and present an innovative concept that provides the necessary upgrades to ensure an accessible and user-friendly public venue.
The scope of work incorporates all the elements outlined in the RFP. It addresses the need
for an accessible washroom and accessible entrances to both the upper and lower level of
the hall by way of an elevator and an outside ramp to provide additional access to the
lower level. The square footage in the upstairs hall is maintained and the historical look of
the building is preserved.
Highlights of the project include:

  • 1 Installing an elevator (4.6’ x 6.6’) at the east entrance.
  • 6 Building an exterior ramp, canopy and outside door at the east side to the lower
  • Replacing both lower level washrooms with one accessible washroom and one
    unisex washroom.
  • 2 Replacing the narrow stairway at the west interior of the building beside the stage
    with a wider stairway.
  • 9 Re-designing upper level washrooms to be more usable.
  •  5 & 7 Creating a separate library space with permanent walls with windows and a folding partition.
  • 4 Updating lighting in the lower level and library with new LED fixtures for brighter,
    more natural light.
  • Replacing flooring in the lower level and library.
  • 10 Repairing exterior concrete steps and provide new handrails.
  • 8 Installing new handrails on the steps to the stage area. F

FAD Architects has outlined the scope of work in the attached drawings (Schedule A);
more concrete design features such as colour schemes, accessories and lighting fixtures
will be addressed after the concept of work has been approved by Council.

Lower Level Changes
















Upper Level Changes
















Based on preliminary discussions with the architect, the project completion date could be as early as the end of June 2017. Unforeseen circumstances may cause delays; however,
the goal is to complete the renovation no later than the end of August.

During construction, the user groups that utilize the hall on a weekly or monthly basis have been relocated to the Wellness Room in the lower level of the Rosseau Nursing Station. All large events and weddings that are tentatively booked for the Memorial Hall have been allocated alternative locations within the Township.

Rosseau Library – Township staff have discussed opportunities with the library CEO that would give the library a community presence during the closure of the hall. These include directing patrons seeking full library services to the Humphrey branch, maintaining WiFi at the current location in Rosseau, developing children’s library programming at the waterfront park, providing a drop-box in Rosseau for library books and developing a “Little Free Library” where patrons can “take” a book or “leave” a book. Staff will further explore these opportunities with the library and assist where possible.

Any future renovations or additions will not be impeded by the attached design concept. The elevator provides access to both levels of the hall and can be utilized not only for patrons with mobility issues, but for transferring tables, chairs, kitchen items and other equipment from floor to floor for special events.

With Council’s approval of the Scope of Work and Concept Plans, FAD, with staff
assistance, will prepare the tender documents. The objective is to present Council with a
report on March 6, 2017 recommending approval of the contractor(s) and tender
amount(s). Respectfully submitted by: Dominique O’Brien – Manager of Community Services”


2016 Water Quality Monitoring Program Report

The Seguin Lake Water Quality Monitoring Program, developed in 2008, is a field-based program that monitors approximately 120 lakes across Seguin on a rotating basis. The purpose of the Water Quality Monitoring Program is to establish a historical record of water quality parameters so that trends in water quality can be identified.

The Water Quality Monitoring Program measures:
• Spring Phosphorus concentrations (a measure of nutrient enrichment)
• Dissolved Organic Carbon
• Secchi Depth (a measure of water clarity)
• End of summer dissolved oxygen and temperature profiles

The Water Quality Monitoring Program consists of two phases, one in May and the other in August. In May, dissolved oxygen testing and secchi disk readings are taken on our specified lakes and water samples are taken and transported to a lab in Dorset to be tested for phosphorous.

In August, dissolved oxygen testing and secchi disk testing are completed.

In 2016, 44 lakes were chosen and tested. The data collected over time allows us to monitor future sensitivities to phosphorus or potential problems that may arise. In fact, the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change recommends a minimum of two years of phosphorus data to be 95% confident of being within 20% of the mean annual concentration of a lake. Seguin now has 79 lakes that have at least two years of monitoring data. This set of lakes was chosen at the beginning of the program to include lakes that were over threshold for phosphorus based on the model, developed lakes, and then lakes of varying characteristics (shallow, deep, headwater, undeveloped), to make sure that we have a good dataset to validate the model and to evaluate the success of the approach to managing shoreline development for control of phosphorus.

The following summary and recommendations have been received from Hutcheson
• A total of 79 or 61% of the lakes in Seguin have been measured for total phosphorus.
• 70 of these lakes have at least 2 years of data as of the end of the 2016 sampling season.
• August monitoring of dissolved oxygen, temperature, lake depth and Secchi depth has
been completed for 35 lakes in 2015.
• Now that at least 2 years of data exist for the ‘A’ Lakes monitored by the program which
will result in a new monitoring schedule of three years for these lakes.
• It is recommended that the monitoring program continue, as developed, with the addition
of more lakes that have little or no data.
• Due to the complex shape of the Horseshoe and Little Whitefish Lakes, it is recommended that spring total phosphorus sampling be conducted within each of their distinct basins.
• Due to a large percentage of the Seguin lakes having high dissolved organic carbon
concentrations that could result in model error, it is recommended that a subset of lakes
be sampled for dissolved organic carbon.
For more information on the lakes tested in the 2016 year, please review the attached
“Hutcheson Environmental 2016” report as Schedule A. see page 325

Financial Analysis:
The total cost in 2016 to the delivery the Water Quality and Stewardship Program was
$19,932.05. The breakdown of cost is as follows:
a) Training fee (Hutchinson Environmental) $699.04
b) Student Wages $17,326.00
c) Mileage $650.00
d) End of year Report fee (Hutchinson) $1,257.01
4.0 Conclusion:

Conclusion, the Seguin Water Quality Monitoring Program is an integral component to the
Stewardship of our natural resources. Continued monitoring of our lakes will provide important historical data essential to the ongoing assessment of development capacities and the health of our lakes. During discussions with the consultant, it was noted that the sampling program was a success again this year.

No lakes displayed a significant trend in TP over time and that the relative health of the lakes relative to phosphorus levels remains unchanged.

Respectfully submitted by: J. Stephen Stone, MSc, BES, MCIP, RPP and Dominique O’Brien Director of Planning and Development Manager of Community Services


Muskoka Stewardship Conference 2017 all about Algae

2017 Muskoka Stewardship Conference Header

2017 Theme: 50 Shades of Green

All of our lakes naturally contain algae. Without algae, lakes would be essentially dead, unable to sustain fish and other creatures. Different species of algae become abundant at different times of the year, and if conditions are ideal, they can form a bloom.

Why are algae important, and how are algae in Muskoka’s lakes changing? What can you do to help protect Muskoka’s lakes from nuisance algal blooms? Join us this May to learn all about algae.

More information and on line registration at this link


Board and Commission Grants, Agreements and Discretionary Grants.  Proposed

The Annual Agreements (Park to Park Rose Point Trail maintenance – $5,525) and grants to the Seguin Library ($140,566) and the Parry Sound Airport ($40,000) are not included in the Departmental Operating Budgets; therefore, in order for staff to process these payments before the final passing of the 2017 budget, which is expected in May 2017, we are requesting that Council approve this resolution.

The other line item Discretionary Grants (Chamber of Commerce, WPS Museum, Park to Park) are also not included in the in principle Departmental Operating Budgets. Council direction is therefore needed for the following:

Organization Request Prel 2017 Budget

Park to Park $16,500
PS Chamber of Commerce $3,000
CBDC $4,000
WPS Museum $15,450
Town of Parry Sound Stockey Centre $10,000

2017 Donations

Council will make recommendations on the Finance Committee preparedregarding 2017 donations, and to request Council approval of those donations.

As in the past, Donation Applications were referred to the Finance Committee for their review and recommendation. The Committee’s recommendations are below.

Organization                                                 Request                     FC Recommendation
Festival of the Sound                                   $2,500                              $2,500
International Festival of Authors                 $250                                  $250
295 Macpherson Cadets                                $800                                  $800
Rosseau Ag Society                                      $2,500                                      $0
Rosseau Horticultural Society                   $2,500                              $2,500
Foley Ag Society/Foley Fall Fair               $6,000                              $6,000
Safe and Quiet Boating                               $2,000                              $2,000
Georgian Nordic Ski and Canoe                  2,250                               $1,000
West Parry Sound Refugee Committee   $1,000                               $1,000
Parry Sound EMS Toy Drive                      $1,000                                      $0


Township of Seguin Parks and Trails Master Plan.

On December 3, 2015, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario passed Bill 73, the Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015. This Bill focused on reforms to Ontario’s land use planning and appeal system in order to meet the changing needs of Ontario’s communities.

Council directed staff to implement Bill 73 as required. As part of the Township’s response to the Planning Act reforms, staff identified that it would be prudent to develop a parks and trails master plan.

Implementation of the Parks and Trails Master Plan does not have an impact on the 2017
Budget. The Community Services Department shall be required to take a detailed list of
proposed parks and trails improvement projects forward to Council each year for budget

The Parks and Trails Master Plan is an inventory and analysis of existing parks and trails. It also identifies issues, needs, and opportunities within the context of those existing parks and trails. The plan is intended to serve as a guide for Township staff and Council when making decisions about investment, management, and promotion of local parks and trails.

The Parks and Trails Master Plan serves as an inventory of our existing recreational assets which can be used to identify issues, needs, and opportunities for their improvement.


A summary of the proceedings of Seguin Council February 6, 2017 

  • A change to our process, when circulating notices of shore/concession road allowance
    applications, include the Ward Councillor & Mayor in the circulation.
  • Provide Council with a copy of the presentation by Elizabeth Steinebach re: the Maple Lake School House Project. 
  • Proceed with shore road allowance Application No. RAS-2016-0001-F (Ellington). By-law No.2017-007. 
  • Execute and proceed with the Land Exchange Agreement between Seguin and Canada (Rose Point/Wasauksing). By-law No. 2017-012. 
  • Include a portion of Lynberry Drive in the seasonal summer maintenance program effective in 2017. By-law No. 2017-005. 
  • Implement Internet & Telephone Voting for the 2018 Municipal Election. By-law No. 2017-008. 
  • Execute the easement over Part of Lot 139, Concession B, Foley with Union Gas for service to 102 James Bay Junction Road. By-law No. 2017-011. 
  • Execute and implement the FedNor Funding Agreement for the Parry sound Area Municipal Airport Phase 7 Project. By-law No. 2017-014. 
  • Forward the resolution of support re: Peterborough’s correspondence about funding for long-term care. Resolution No. 2017-034. 
  • Advise the West Parry Sound SMART Community Network Corporation of the appointment of Chris Madej as the Township of Seguin representative
    to the Corporation. Resolution No. 2017-035. 
  • Provide the consultant (Hutchinson Environmental) with the “new water testing
    program for the Otter Lakes 2017” proposal submitted by Brian Nelson. Staff report on the review of the Water Quality Monitoring Program. 
  • Proceed with the following rezoning and consent applications:
     Rezoning R-2016-0016-H (Maile). By-law No.2017-006.
     Consents B-2016-0044/45/46-H (Maile). Resolution No. 2017-039.
     Consent B-2016-0038-C (Klose). Resolution No. 2017-041.
     Consents B-2016-0039/40/41/42/43-F (McDole). Resolution No. 2017-042.
     Consents B-2016-0047-H (Millar). Resolution No. 2017-043.
     Rezoning R-2016-0009-C (Yan Xiang Tou Technology Inc.). By-law No. 2017-009.
     Rezoning R-2017-0001-F (Ryder). By-law No. 2017-010.
  • Proceed with the purchase of the tandem plow truck and the disposal of VR 31. Resolution No. 2017-047. 
  • Proceed with the public notice and public meeting for the proposed amendments to the
    Building By-law. 
  • Provide Council with a copy of the red-line version of the proposed Building By-law.
  • Proceed with the Waterfront Design Guidelines Project. Resolution No. 2017-048.
  • Distribute and post the Township of Seguin Parks and Trails Master Plan as amended and adopted by Council. Resolution No. 2017-049. 
  • Review the Water Quality Monitoring Report with the consultants (Hutchinson Environmental) and inquire as to why Little Otter Lake is not included in Table 3 of the Report. Advise Council of the outcome of the inquiry. 
  • Proceed with the tender/contracts for the Rosseau Memorial Hall Accessibility Project and the purchase of the elevator. Resolution No. 2017-048. 
  • Implement the Municipal Forest Fire Management Agreement with the Ministry of
    Natural Resources and Forestry. By-law No. 2017-016. 
  • Dispose of Pumper #42. Resolution No. 2017-052. 
  • Distribute the 2017 Discretionary Grants. Resolution No. 2017-053. 
  • Advise the following organizations that they are required to reapply for a grant each year if they wish to be considered for funding:
     Park-To-Park Trail Association Inc.
     Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce.
     Parry Sound Area Community Business & Treasury Development Centre.
     Town of Parry Sound Stockey Centre.
  • Distribute the 2017 Donations/Grants. Resolution No. 2017-054. 
  • Advise the following organizations that their applications for donation/grant were
     Rosseau Agricultural Society.
     West Parry Sound Refugee Committee.
  • The 2017 Capital and Operating Budgets were approved in principle. Resolution No. 2017-055. 
  • Implement the Public Works Operations Coordinator position and eliminate the Public
    Works Foreman position. Resolution No. 2017-059.
  • Engage the firm of FeirWoulds LLP to represent the Township of Seguin for the Ontario Municipal Board Hearing for the Appeal to the decision on Rezoning Application No. R-2016-0008-F (Martin). Resolution No. 2017-060. 
  • Advise Karen Metzger and the Rosseau Community Action Committee of Karen’s
    appointment to the committee. Resolution No.2017-061.

Respectfully Submitted

Jack Hepworth

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