Report to Council and Community July 18, 2016

Seguin Council July 18 eAgenda

Road Report & Future Capital Projects

Blasting, widening, and surface stabilization enhancements have improved the Burgess Road Hill

Blasting, widening, and surface stabilization

Stanley House road is now ready to be slurry sealed ( another layer of surface treatment to extend life, similar to the treatment just applied to Highway 632).  This maintenance will be happening shortly.  Quotes to blast ditches at the back end of Burgess Road, are in progress as well.  This section of roadway has a chronic drainage problem.

The 10 Year Infrastructure Improvement Strategy for Seguin Roads is as follows for 2017 to 2025.

2017Clear Lake Road/10th Concession to Maureen, Length  7.4,  Average Annual Daily Traffic Count (AADT) 355, Priority Rank 27,  Contract – Hwy #141 to Hwy #69.  Drainage and base improvements;  2015 surface Treatment (ST) $25,000,  2017  $485,000, 2018 $485,000.

2018 Turtle Lake Road, Length 8.6 km,  Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) 235, Priority Rank 33. Contract – Tally Ho Swords to Hwy #141.  2018 Drainage and base improvements;  Surface Treatment (ST) $25,000, 2019 $450,000, 2020 $475,000

2020Star Lake Road, Length 8.7, AADT 370, Priority 31,  Contract – Star Lake Road Depot to Turtle.  2020 Drainage and base improvements 2020 ST $30,000, 2021 $570,000, 2022 $300,000.

2022Blackwater Lake Road, Length 7.7, AADT 180, Priority 36, Contract – Blackwater Road from 518 to Seguin boundary.  2022 Drainage and base improvements ST $30,000 2023 $450,000, 2024 $450,000.

2024 Burgess Road, Length 4.8, AADT 100,  Priority 9, Contract – 632 to Kydreiks Trail. 2024 Drainage and base improvements ST $30,000, 2025 $500,000


Rosseau Memorial Hall Update

This report is part of the Council eAgenda Staff Report from Dominique O’Brien Community Services Manager.

The following report is for information regarding the timelines for cleanup and repairs required in the lower level of the Rosseau Memorial Hall.

“Since the July 4 meeting of Council, staff has contacted the mould remediation company, WinMar, and secured a starting date of Monday, July 25 for the cleanup and repairs required in the lower level of the Rosseau Memorial Hall.

The contractor has stated that work could potentially begin as soon as July 18 if their current projects are completed early. If this is the case, the industrial hygienist from Canadian Invironmental Services could collect the final samples the week of July 25. If we request an expedited 24 -48 hour lab test, the final clearance report could be received by July 29.

However, if the work begins on July 25, the industrial hygienist cannot conduct the final air tests until August 8 and with expedited lab tests, the report could be received by August 12.

Community Services staff will also require time to re-organize and clean the downstairs hall before the building can officially re-open.

Staff is confident that the timeline provided by Winmar will be honoured to the best of their ability and the clearance report will be received as soon as possible. Both Winmar and Canadian Environmental Services are aware that this project is time sensitive. They have advised staff that any updates to the timeline will be communicated immediately.”

Respectfully submitted by: Dominique O’Brien Manager of Community Services


Stewardship Seguin 

“Stewardship Seguin” is a program that recognizes and applauds property owners for making a significant improvement to their environment through stewardship activities.

A property owner interested in participating in the program should:

  1. Contact Seguin Township or their participating Lake Association to learn more about the program.
  2. Request a rating card for their property.
  3. Become familiar with the Living Sustainably in Seguin Handbook.
  4. Submit their rating card to Seguin Township or their participating Lake Association and start greening their property one “raindrop” at a time.

Once your rating card is submitted, you will receive a Stewardship Seguin Flag acknowledging your commitment to sustainable living. This flag will easily mount on your dock or raft signifying your participation.

Each year, as you make improvements and increase your rating, additional “raindrops” will be rewarded.

A 2016 Stewardship Seguin Speaker Series has been arranged as well.  Four prominent speakers from the environmental sector have been confirmed to present over the months of July and August 2016. See the Speaker Series Flyer for all the information.

Speaker Series Stewardship Seguin

Speaker Series Stewardship Seguin

Save $$ on Insurance premiums with Tanker Accreditation Certification

Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation is considered equivalent to hydrant protection and is recognized by a majority of Insurance Companies in Canada. The accreditation demonstrates Seguin Fire Services ability to fight fires in rural areas quickly and effectively by providing a continuous flow of water to fire scenes not serviced by municipal hydrants.

Seguin Township received the Fire Underwriters Survey Rating for Superior Tanker Shuttle Service on September 8, 2013 for all rural areas within 8 km by road of any of our 5 stations.


Rural residents within 8 kms of a fire station should contact their Insurance Company and ask if they are eligible for a rate reduction on their insurance premiums.


MPAC Property Assessment Notice Impacts

Your 2017 – 2020 Property Assessment Notice has been mailed.

Actual and Projected tax rates from Seguin’s 2016 budget binder predict a Municipal tax rate of  0.003572% for 2017, 0.003626% for 2018,  0.003698% for 2019, and 0.003772% for 2020. Note the Municipality collects the Provincial Education Tax as well.  This percentage is rolled into the Municipal rate.   The 2016 Provincial Education tax rate is .00188% and the combined 2016 Residential tax rate is 0.00538224%

To approximate your tax payout 2017 to 2020, with the assumption of a constant provincial education tax rate (questionable), add .00188% to each of the Seguin Projected rates  2017 to 2020.  Multiply the Assessed Value from your MPAC Schedule for each year on the schedule by the combined education and projected Seguin rates to determine the dollar impact of municipal taxation.

Here is an example calculation for a 2020 Assessed Value $929,000.  2020 combined tax rates (.00188+.003772) = .005652.  Taxes Due in 2020 .005652 x 929000 = $5250.71

A Summary of the July 18th Seguin Council meeting. 

  • Proceed with the following shore road allowance applications:  RAS-2015-0009/0010-H (Minkorst). By-law No. 2016-041.  RAS-2010-0004-F Keiller. By-law No. 2016042.
  • Advise the Applicant that Council has deferred Shore Road Allowance Application No. RAS-20150011-H (Kent). Resolution No. 2016-227.
  • Proceed with Consent Application No. B-20160021-F (McCarthy). Resolution No. 2016-230.  
  • Proceed with Rezoning Application No. R-20160002-H (Seguin). By-law No. 2016-044.
  • Proceed with awarding of the tenders for the 2016-17 Winter Sand Strategy. Resolution No. 2016-233. 
  • Implement the amendments to the 2016 Salary Grid. Resolution No. 2016-237.
  • Incorporate the surplus funds from the Freure Tax Registration (Property Roll#49-03-040-00501414-0000) into General Revenue.  
  • Advise Wib Bethune and the Cemetery Committee of Mr. Bethune’s appointment to the Committee. Resolution No. 2016-238.  
  • Advise Ann MacDiarmid and the Committee of Adjustment of Mrs. MacDiarmid’s appointment to the Committee. Resolution No. 2016-239.  
  • Advise Terry Fellner and the Finance Committee of Mr. Fellner’s appointment to the Committee. Resolution No. 2016-240.
  • Email to the Clerk your comments and suggested amendments to the draft clean, clear & safe bylaw.  
  • Compile the comments and suggested amendments provided by Council into a report to Council with an amended draft by-law.

Respectfully submitted

Jack Hepworth


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