Report to Council and Community September 18, 2017

Seguin Council September 18, 2017 eAgenda


Seniors Day Luncheon – October 2, 12:00 – 2:00

National Seniors Day in Canada is October 1st, so on the following Monday, October 2nd, Seguin Township will recognize the contribution of the seniors in our area with a luncheon hosted at the Orrville Community Centre from 12pm-2pm.

All are welcome, please call J.J. to RSVP at 705-732-4300 ext 263


Downstream – MWC Newsletter (Summer 2017)

See the complete newsletter at this link

Topics include: The 7th annual Great Muskoka Paddling Experience is taking place on Saturday, October 7th at Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge, and to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, a special North Canoe Challenge has been issued!

Have You Checked Out the Corner Garden Yet?  Stop by the historic Perry House property at 47 Quebec Street in Bracebridge and check out The Corner Garden, a demonstration site that showcases low impact development features and eco-friendly landscaping with native species.

Spearheaded by RiverStone Environmental Solutions Inc., Muskoka Conservancy and Fowler, with support from Northway Gardeners, the Evergreen Foundation, Canada 150 and the Muskoka Community Foundation, The Corner Garden provides a venue to learn about:

  • Identifying and controlling invasive species
  • Conserving rain water
  • Reducing pesticide and fertilizer use
  • Assimilating your property into the natural landscape
  • Identifying and choosing native plants in landscape designs
  • Enhancing biodiversity
  • Reducing stormwater runoff
  • Applying the best permeable parking materials
  • Enhancing wildlife habitat
  • Attracting pollinators such as native bees and butterflies
  • Doing your part to combat climate change!

Learn more at


Seguin Short-term Cottage Rental Study 

From Seguin eAgenda p40 September 18, 2017 Report No: DPS-PL-2017-111

See Press for additional background

“At the September 5th meeting, Council discussed the possible regulation of short-term cottage rentals. Council directed staff to prepare a summary of terms of reference and a proposed time line for researching regulation of short term cottage rentals and reporting to Council.  The recommendation is that Council receives this report for information and direct staff to implement the following Terms of Reference for the Short-term Cottage Rental Study.

The proposed Terms of Reference and Work Plan for the Short-term Cottage Rental Study are organized into steps to be completed early in 2018.

  1. Short-term Cottage Rental Study Start Up September 2017
  2. Research and consultation with the municipalities and agencies regarding existing Short-term Cottage Rental Policies/Regulations and their enforceability successes
    October/November 2017
  3. Policy and Regulation Options Report to Council (circulation to Lake Associations and persons requesting notice for comment) November 2017
  4. Public Meeting to consider the public input on the Study December 2017
  5. Council to review results of public meeting and provide staff direction regarding recommended approach January 2018
  6. Council Meeting to adopt Amendment and/or enact By-law February 2018
    It is noteworthy that public participation, specifically the involvement of the Lake Associations, will be very important to this study and will occur after Step 3.

Conclusion: In order to suffice Council’s direction regarding the preparation of a Terms of Reference for the Short-term Cottage Rental Study, staff is suggesting a 6 step work plan for undertaking an assessment of the regulatory options currently in practice. As such, Council is respectfully requested to direct staff to proceed to implement the study process as outlined.
Respectfully submitted by J. Stephen Stone, MSc, BES, MCIP, RPP Director of Planning and Development, and reviewed by Chris Madej, MA, MCIP, RPP  CAO”


Update – West Parry Sound Smart

Report from Chair Lis McWalter

WPS SMART has applied for funding from the Federal Government’s Connect to Innovate program (CTI) for funding to build a 92 km fiber backbone. The Federal Government has committed $500M over the next 5 years to fund internet infrastructure projects. For the Connect to Innovate program, The Township of Archipelago (by resolution) have agreed to be a guarantor of the WPS SMART application in the amount of $500,000.

All communications from CRTC indicate that all successful applicants would be notified shortly.  Announcements have begun read the most recent press about CTI  funding awards as linked here

WPS SMART remain confident that our application is receiving appropriate consideration and we remain optimistic for funding under the program.

We are also in contact with CRTC and participating in their request for input from Canadians as to how to distribute the $750M promised in their announcement of these funds in December 2015.  We have provided a formal submission to CRTC with our input.

The most significant issue that we experience in West Parry Sound is the lack of internet capacity coming into our area.  What there is is getting old and under the control of Canada’s largest carriers.   This lack of capacity prevents building out fibre based distribution to homes and businesses in the area.    What we need is backhaul (a backbone) that will produce the capacity required.  The WPS SMART application to CTIaddresses this need.

If we are successful, we could see that backhaul later in 2018.  From there we can start to build out the distribution networks for residents and businesses.  Timelines for this distribution are very dependent on many variables, however WPS SMART is committed to working aggressively to provide the connectivity that we all need.   In the meantime, we are doing what we can to drive a few small distribution projects where we can find the required capacity.



ASSUMPTIONS/INPUTS Key principles, from previous years:

  • Target maximum 2% tax rate increase for 2018
  • No debt or deficit
  • Maintain 5 year capital program, as approved by Council in 2017 budget
  • Continue to implement Comprehensive Asset Management Plan
  • Maintain staffing levels and programs, unless specifically identified 5 Year Budget     targets:
  • Maximum 2% Tax Rate increase per year for 2018-2022
  • External levies on average stay at or near inflation of 2%
  • All reserves to be positive over next 5 years; target of 25-30% of Operating Expenditures annually and at end of period

Basic Assumptions:

  • Current CPI for Canada is 1.2%, for Ontario 1.2% (July 2017)
  • Insurance increase of 2-3% (prelim)
  • External levies – 2%, except as noted  -OPP – continuation of Billing Model phase-in, amounts to $100,000 in 2018, final year of the phase in.
  • Contingency remains at $100,000
  • Taxes: 1% tax rate increase generates approximately $112,500 in municipal tax revenue (before real and phase in growth)

Capital: Major 2018 capital projects, per the 2017 budget:

  • Clear Lake Road Phase 2 $ 485,000
  • Preliminary engineering – Turtle Lake Road $ 25,000
  • Salmon Lake Road – overlay/repairs $ 220,000
  • Replacement of FPO truck $ 35,000
  • Replacement of VR43 – 2007 Sterling $ 225,000

Budget 2018 Guidelines Draft for Discussion Purposes Budget 2018

  • Minimize tax increases
  • Continue the no deficit track record, – approaching 14 years
  • 5 year budget plan / projection maintaining year to year consistency and sustainability over planning cycle considering both short and long term goals
  • Maintain current & projected reserve levels in the 25-30% of operating expense range
  • Continue 5 year Community Development and Capital Improvement Plans to fullest extent possible
  • Minimize capital carry forward
  • Support employee retention, growth and engagement requirements
  • Provision for increasing severe weather response
  • Include review and update of infrastructure maintenance needs


Inclusion in the September 18th budget meeting package.

Rosseau Memorial Hall Capital – Improvement Request

Council members were asked to submit a written summary of any proposed projects you would like considered as part of the 2018 budget to the Treasurer for inclusion in the September 18th budget meeting package.  Accordingly here is a request from the Rosseau Community Action Committee. (RCAC)

Below is a request to Seguin Council by the Rosseau Community Action Committee for continued upgrades of the RMH to meet future identified community needs. This paper will serve as a position paper for budget discussions in September for Capital Funding in 2023
The RCAC (Rosseau Community Action Committee) on behalf of the Rosseau and area community is seeking a commitment from Council to undertake a Feasibility Study of Rosseau Memorial Hall.
The RCAC asks that a Feasibility Study include a Master Plan that assesses the overall state of repair of the Hall and its functionality and identifies upgrades/renovations required to ensure that the Hall meets the needs of its users and the Rosseau community overall. The goal is to have any work completed in time for the Centennial celebration in 2024.
The Rosseau Memorial Hall was constructed and built to honour the bravery and sacrifice of community members in the First World War. It was intended to be a permanent memorial to those who gave all for Canada. Construction commenced in 1923; the official opening ceremony was held on 27 August 1924. The cost of construction was borne by the community. Various upgrades and renovations have been undertaken over the years; the most recent being the Accessibility project to make the Hall AODA compliant. This work is due for completion the summer of 2017.
The need for a fully functional Rosseau Memorial Hall has been identified through survey and canvas of the many Hall user groups and the community at large. The Hall is the focal point of the Village and used widely by groups of alt ages and interests. It has been a source of income for the Township with its rental for special celebrations (weddings, funerals and the like). It is used regularly for Community events (Remembrance Day services, Christmas functions and general community events).While it is recognized that an iconic heritage building has some limitations in terms of design layout, there is every indication that the building is sound and worthy of investment.
A Feasibility Study with a Master Plan would allow the building structure, mechanical and
electrical systems, and other building components, to be assessed and the state of repair
evaluated. In addition, a Feasibility Study would provide an assessment of the existing layout and ascertain needed reconfiguration based on the identified needs of the Rosseau community. Public washrooms, open during regular business hours year- round, storage space for user groups, provision of a fully functional kitchen on the upper level to provide practical access to event users, are all identified as key requirements in the community survey/canvas. Upgrade of the exterior space with landscaping to provide an exterior gathering area for the Hall is required. Further, the needs of the Rosseau
Library should be addressed as part of the Feasibility Study. It is fully anticipated
that the work undertaken to meet the AODA compliance requirements is complementary to any recommendations culminating from the Feasibility Study.
The Community, residents and business operators, canvassed through verbal discourse and survey determined their use of and reliance on Memorial Hall as a prime community asset. The responses overwhelmingly identified the need to remedy current deficiencies, namely; the lack of accessibility now addressed, the lack of functional service amenities (kitchen, storage, etc.) in the Hall. The lack of a proper Library facility in Rosseau was a key issue. As well, an external gathering area was an identified requirement. Public washrooms open year-round during normal business hours was a priority.
The goal is to have the Rosseau Memorial Hall fully functional for community users and groups by its Centennial in 2024. The Hall is an iconic building that is cherished by residents, permanent and seasonal alike. While seasonal residents may not utilize the Hall as regularly as permanent residents, they feel as strongly about preserving the Hall as regular users and in some instances, even more so. The Hall is a symbol of what Rosseau, Muskoka and Seguin represents and a reason why there is a desire to invest in the Rosseau community. A Feasibility Study is required to assess the ability of Memorial Hall to meet the current and future needs of the Rosseau community and outline how deficiencies may best be addressed in order that Memorial Hall will live up to its potential and serve the Rosseau community for decades to come.
The RCAC on behalf of the Rosseau Community asks Council to undertake a Feasibility Study to assess the ability of Memorial Hall to meet the needs of the Rosseau community and to undertake and complete work identified in the Feasibility Study in time for the 2024 Centennial. To achieve this, Council is asked to make provision in the upcoming Capital Plan for such upgrades/renovations of Memorial Hall and to ensure that all work is scheduled for completion in time for the 2024 Memorial Hall Centennial.
RCAC -13]une 2017


Parry Sound District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB)  Quarterly Report September 2017

DSSAB September 2017 Quarterly Report


A Summary of the September 18th Council meeting. 

  • Send flowers on behalf of the Township to Logan’s for the service for Dean Adams.
  • Proceed with the implementation of the Short-Term Cottage Rental Study. Resolution No.2017-319. 
  • Commence the process for the temporary closure of streets in Rosseau for the Rosseau Pumpkin Festival. Do not include the portion of Victoria Street between Hwy 141 and the Rosseau District Fire Hall; this portion will remain open to traffic. 
  • Prepare the 2018 Draft Budget based upon the Budget 2018 Budget Guidelines as presented by Mayor Gibbon and a maximum tax rate increase of up to 2%.  Staff to prepare information for Council consideration on the following items:
     Rosseau Memorial Hall feasibility study.
     Engineering study for a scope of work and estimate for reconstruction of Ferris Road
     Evaluation of the request for summer maintenance of a portion of Star Lake
    Woods Road from Turtle Lake Road to Morningside Drive, with the current
    Township policy.
     Costs for the replacement of the retaining wall at the Otter Lake Boat Launch.
  • The following are actions to be taken resulting from Finance Committee Resolutions:
     Res. 2017-016 Audit Committee – Council will further discuss this with the auditor.
     Res. 2017-017 Capital Project Reporting – Council will determine where this is
     Res. 2017-018 Donations – staff will review applications for completeness and then
    present the applications to Council for consideration.
     Res. 2017-019 Reserve Fund Policy – staff to update information on the website and
    provide the information in an easier to read format.
     Res. 2017-020 5 Year Draft Plan – staff have already implemented the requested
     Res. 2017-021 Numerous Items –
     variance explanations at Council’s request/discretion,
     budget binders to be available as soon as possible,
     variance reports will be sent to the finance committee on the same regular
    schedule as to Council,
     a pie chart on the website to illustrate how tax dollars are spent.

Respectfully Submitted

Jack Hepworth


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