Report to Council and Community November 6 & 20, 2017

Seguin Council eAgenda November 6, 2017

Seguin Council eAgenda November 20, 2017


What happens to Gas Tax Revenues?

From: Federal Gas Tax Program
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 3:05 PM
Subject: AMO’s 2016 federal Gas Tax Fund Annual Report
Dear Mayor Gibbon:
I am pleased to provide you with a link to AMO’s federal Gas Tax Fund Annual Report for the year ending December 31, 2016 and I encourage you to share it with your local Council.
To highlight its importance, in 2016, the Township of Seguin:
· Received $242,496 from the federal Gas Tax Fund;
· Invested $230,948 to enhance the community; and
· Carried $15,369 forward to finance future projects.
Since the Fund was established in 2005, the Township of Seguin has leveraged $2,375,506 to support 11 infrastructure and capacity building projects worth $4,800,090.
AMO’s next report on the federal Gas Tax Fund will describe the outcomes achieved by your municipality’s investments.
In 2016, Ontario’s municipal governments, excluding Toronto, invested $647 million from the Fund in more than 1,200 local infrastructure and capacity building projects. Investments reported on in 2016 include:
· $103 million to support the construction and repair of 1,522 lane km of roads serving 1,506,687 residents;
· $26 million to support the purchase or refurbishment of 186 public transit buses, contributing to a 7.5% increase
in ridership, and 100,000 more hours of service; and
· $7.5 million to support the installation of 15,601 high‐efficiency LED streetlights, contributing to a reduction of
6.62 GWh in annual energy consumption.
By tracking our progress, we can demonstrate that local investments are fostering economic growth, promoting a cleaner environment, and building stronger communities. AMO’s report on project outcomes will be released in 2018.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact AMO’s Executive Director, Pat Vanini at 416‐971‐9856 or
Sincerely, Lynn Dollin  AMO President



From Michele C. Fraser, BA, MBA, CPA, CA Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

“We are currently forecasting a surplus of just over $98,000, up from just over $44,000 reported on September 25th. Once again, the main cause of the change is due to revenues, specifically Building Permit Fees. At the end of September, the Building Department was projecting that permit revenues would miss the annual budget by almost $50,000. Since then, some large projects have come in, and the CBO is confident that permit fees will only fall short of budget by $10-15,000, at most, by year end. Staff will continue to monitor these fees, and report to Council. With the end of the busy summer season, we continue to see savings in departmental operations. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Building, Planning and Administration/Treasury departments are expecting to see savings in Legal expenses, while volunteer Firefighter Honorariums have been less than projected. Savings are also being projected in programs that have ended for 2017 (Water Quality, Septic Inspection and Museum).

Actual Capital expenditures on a project basis within each functional area are included with this month’s report. Currently, all projects are on budget, including the additional $42,000 of Contingency funding that was previously allocated to the Rosseau Memorial Hall Accessibility Project. Based on current applications and decisions, Planning department is projecting that the majority of the OMB Legal Expense, budgeted at $75,000, will not be needed in 2017.
Activity in the Reserves and Reserve Funds has been minimal, consisting of some SRA/CRA sales and Cash in Lieu of Parkland, and interest income. A summary of the projected year end position of all Reserves and Reserve Funds has been included with this report.
As per Council direction, up to $42,000 of the Contingency Fund has been allocated to the
Rosseau Memorial Hall project. The balance of $58,000 in the Contingency Fund has not been included in the projected surplus.  Respectfully submitted”

Seguin Council November 6 Meeting Summary

Highlights: – Andrea Spinney appointed Deputy Clerk of Seguin, Telephone and Internet Voting with Intelivote Systems – the same as for the 2014 Municiplal Election approved by Council, Fibre Optic service for Rosseau Lake College (RLC) and the Rosseau Waterfront Park by Agilis Networks install, and two newly appointed Board members of the Seguin Library Board – Patricia Coles and Sue Coxhead.

  • Proceed with the following Applications:
     Consent Application Nos. B-2016- 0014/0015/0016/0017/0018/0019/0020-R
    and Rezoning Application No. R-2016-0012-R (Smith). Resolution No. 2017-329 and By-law No. 2017-026.
     Consent Application No. B-2017-0016-F (Embree). Resolution No. 2017-365.
     Consent Application Nos. B-2017-0018/0019-H (Robinson). Resolution No. 2017-366.
     Consent Application Nos. B-2017-0012/0013/0014/0015-H (Stack). Resolution No. 2017-367. 
  • Proceed with property tax write offs. By-law No. 2017-091. 
  • Proceed with the appointment of Andrea Spinney as Deputy Clerk; effective November 13th. Bylaw No. 2017-098. 
  • Execute the Municipal Voting Agreement with Intelivote Systems Inc. for internet and
    telephone voting for the 2018 Municipal Election. By-law No. 2017-099. 
  • Execute the Licence Agreement with Greater Sudbury Telecommunications Inc. (Agilis
    Networks) for the installation of underground works for fibre optic cable across the Township owned Rosseau Waterfront lands. By-law No. 2017-101. 
  • Advise the Applicants and the Township of Seguin Public Library Board of the appointment of Patricia Coles and Sue Coxhead to the Library Board. Resolution Nos. 2017-375 and 376.


In the November 20th eAgenda be sure to review: 

  • Delegations – Frances Carmichael’s presentation to Council re Safe Quiet Lakes.
    Update on 2017 activities.  See Page 43/418
  • Staff Reports section 06a) Report No. AD-2017-020, Bill 68, Modernizing Ontario’s Municipal Legislation Act, 2017.  See Page 60/418


Phase 1: January 1, 2018
 Changes to council composition (including temporary replacement of a member of
upper tier council).
 New definition of a meeting.
 New closed meeting exceptions.
 Electronic participation in council meetings.
 Small business programs. 

Phase 2: March 1, 2019
 Council Code of Conduct.
 Integrity Commissioner provisions.
 Policy on staff-council relations.
 Policy for pregnancy/parental leave for council.
Staff Report No. AD-2017-020
Page 2 of 29
 Policy for protection of a tree canopy.

  • Staff Reports section 06b) Report No. DPS-PL-2017-138, Short Term Rental Study. See Page 89/418

In order to suffice Council’s direction regarding the implementation of a Terms of Reference for the Short-term Cottage Rental Study, staff is in the process of working at completing the six step STCR work plan in a timely fashion. This involves undertaking an assessment of the regulatory options currently in practice as part of Phase 2 of this project which is now complete.  
As such, Council is respectfully requested to consider the findings of staff to date and to direct staff to proceed to implement Phase 3 Public Comment Circulation of the study process as previously approved.

  • Staff Reports section 06c) Report No. DPS-PL-2017-139, Waterfront Design Guidelines. See Page 200/418


“Council receives this report for information and direct staff to circulate the draft of Waterfront Design Guidelines to the lake associations and interested members of the public for their review and comment.”


New Policing Legislation Introduced at Queen’s Park

The government’s entire package of reforms is called the Safer Ontario Act, 2017 and it
includes a new Police Services Act and a new Policing Oversight Act. They are the most
significant revisions to the legislative framework that governs policing in nearly 27 years. The government is hoping this package of reforms will become law by the end of the year.


A summary of the November 20 Seguin Council Meeting:

  • As per Staff Report No. DPS-PL-2017-138, Phase 2 – Research and Consultation with
    Municipalities as per the Terms of Reference for the Short-term Cottage Rental Study,
    proceed with the implementation of Phase 3 of the Terms of Reference for the Short-term Cottage Rental Study. Resolution No. 2017-383.  
  • As per Staff Report No. DPS-PL-2017-139, Waterfront Design Guidelines – Project
    Status Report, circulate the draft Waterfront Design Guidelines to the lake associations
    and interested members of the public for their review and comment. Include
    photographs of what a healthy waterfront looks like in the guide. Resolution No. 2017-
  • Advise the Committee of Adjustment of the reappointment of Councillors Adams and
    Hepworth as the Council representatives on the Committee. Resolution No. 2017-385.
  • Prepare staff reports and recommendations for the following planning applications for
    future Council consideration: 
     Rezoning Application No. R-2017-0020-F
    (2251299 Ontario Inc.).
     Consent Application Nos. B-2017-
    0021/0022-H (Maile).
  • Process payment of the 2016 Committee of Adjustment Member Expenses for David
    Aylsworth. Resolution No. 2017-391.

Respectfully Submitted

Jack Hepworth

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