2014 Budget

Seguin’s 2014 Budget and your Tax Bill for 2014

A 0.14% Decrease. Good News for Seguin Ratepayers.

Seguin’s 2014 Operating and Capital Budgets in Principle  

Council will be asked to approve the Budget in Principle at the February 3 meeting as summarized.  On January 13, 2014 Council, Senior Staff, and the Finance Committee reviewed the 2014 Preliminary budget for the Township.

The 2014 municipal tax rate established by this preliminary budget would be 0.35051% compared to the 2013 rate of 0.35499%, which is an effective tax rate increase of 1%.

The combined 2014 residential tax rate (municipal and education) will be 0.55351% compared to the 2013 rate of 0.56699%, which is an effective 0.14% tax decrease for Seguin ratepayers.

Seguin’s Operating Budget to be approved will be $7,353,093 and the 2014 Capital Budget of $3,5888,807.

The final estimates for 2014 will be finalized and brought to Council in May, when all external levies are known, revenues updated, reserve transfers finalized and the final tax rate set.

Seguin Township  Residential Property Tax Comparisons 2013/2014

Average 2013 Residential Property Value                                              $422,960.00               Average 2013 Residential Property Tax Bill Municipal   0.35499%          $1501.47                                                                                               Education  0.21200%            $896.68                                                                                                                                               $2398.15

Average 2014 Residential Property Value                                              $432,650.00                 Average 2014 Residential Property Tax Bill Municipal  0.35051%           $1516.48                                                                                                Education 0.20300%            $878.28                                                                                                                                               $2394.76

With an assessment of $ 432,650.00 Dollar Change in 2014 $3.39

Percentage Change -0.14%