Where are my 2013 SEGUIN TAX DOLLARS being spent?

What improvements can I expect to see?

Taxes: 2012 Tax Rate of .57059% reduced for 2013, 2013 Residential Education tax rate set at .212%, down from .221%. MPAC Real Assessment growth of $20,683,900 generating $63,134 in taxes. Overall 2013 Assessment flat for Seguin – total 2013 assessment of $2,994,832,932 (phased in) compared to total 2012 assessment of $2,987,138,600. After considering real growth, the assessment tax base has actually contracted in 2013 by just under $8 million (net). For each of 2014/15/16, the current projected assessment phase in increase is $71 million.

The 2013 Municipal Tax rate will be 0.35604%.  This represents a 1.84% increase over the actual 2012 tax rate of 0.34959%, and a 1.5% increase over the adjusted 2012 tax rate (adjusted for the contraction in the assessment base).  The combined 2013 residential tax rate will be 0.56804%, compared to the 2012 rate of 0.57059%, which represents a 0.5% decrease.

The Departmental Operating Budget will be $7,239,183 – increasing by 1.13% from 2012.

Council approved in principle the 2013 Budget amounts at the February 4th meeting Resolution 2013-042.  The Final Estimates for 2013 is expected to be brought to Council in May 2013.  At that time, all external levies will be adjusted for the actual levy notices received, revenues will be updated, reserve transfers finalized, and the final tax rates will be set.

Capital: Total 2013 projected Capital is $4,195,250. million, of which $ 3.601 million is funded from reserves and reserve funds. The major capital projects for 2013 are:

  • Foley Fire Hall – Resolution 2013-044 February 4th 2013
  • Foley Agricultural Hall upgrades Resolutions 2013-052 and Resolution 2013-054 February 4th 2013
  • Completion of Stanley House Road high float hard surfacing
  • Phase 2 of James Bay Junction surface overlay
  • Phase 1 of Otter Lake Road / Carters Landing / Hagerman Court
  • Replacement of Pump 24 a 1987 Ford
  • Replacement of VW01 a 2001 Waste Truck – Resolution 2013-046 and 047 February 4th 2013
  • Repairs to the Seguin Museum floor/foundation

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